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Askja Volcano: A History Etched in Fire and Ash

As the rumblings of increased activity stir within Askja volcano, its history serves as a captivating backdrop to the impending event. Situated in Iceland’s remote central highlands, Askja has a rich geological tale to tell. From its enigmatic eruption in 1875, whose ash reached as far as Scandinavia, to the silent millennia of fiery upheavals that shaped its nested calderas, Askja’s story is one of raw power and transformation.

Notably, Askja played a unique role in training NASA’s Apollo astronauts in the 1960s, honing their skills for lunar exploration. Its mysterious allure has attracted scientists and adventurers alike. As the world’s eyes turn toward Askja once again, we stand on the precipice of witnessing the volcano’s timeless dance with destruction and creation, a spectacle that reinforces the untamed beauty and volatile nature of our planet’s geology.

Media contact: Orly Orlyson +354 848 7600